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Peer-to-peer cooperation at the CoR - "Building territorial partnerships"  

At the invitation of CIVEX First Vice Chair Mr Bianco, the CIVEX commission holds this in-person seminar on " The experience of local and regional authorities in the Nicosia Initiative to support Libyan municipalities" in order to mark the success of the Nicosia initiative and develop perspectives for peer-to-peer cooperation with Libya and beyond.

In January 2016, at the ARLEM plenary session in Nicosia, the European Committee of the Regions and Libyan mayors together launched the Nicosia initiative as an open platform of cooperation between European regions and cities and Libyan municipalities from all parts of the country, bridging political divides. This seminar is the occasion to develop perspectives for peer-to-peer cooperation at the local and regional level within the Nicosia initiative and beyond.

Organizer: CIVEX commission
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