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11th Mazovia Development Forum  

​​​On 8th and 9th December the 11th Mazovia Development Forum​ will take place discussing the future of European Funds, the European Green Deal and business development. It is the most important event devoted to European Funds in the region. The event will be co-created with partners from different sectors – administration, business, science and non-governmental organisations. It intends to create a space where these groups can inspire each other and look for good practices and innovative solutions for the development of the region. 

The Mazovia Development forum will be attended by Markku Markkula, Chair of the Espoo City Board and President of the Helsinki Region; Adam Struzik, Marshal of the Mazovia Region, Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw; Mariusz Frankowski, Councillor of the capital city of Warsaw.

To follow the event live, visit the event webpage or “Forum Rozwoju Mazowsza” channel on Facebook on 8th-9th December. Interpretation to English will be provided. 

Contact Person: Anna Penda
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