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16th NAT commission meeting  

​ The 16th NAT commission meeting will take place on Tuesday 31 January 2023 at the European Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 99-101, Brussels room JDE 52.

This meeting will be fully on-site. The public can follow the meeting in the listening room JDE53. For security reasons you need contact the NAT secretariat at the latest on the 27 January 2023 if you wish to participate in person. This meeting is also being Webstr​eamed​.

All meeting documents are available through the CoR Members' Portal.

Highlights of the meeting on 31 January 2023.

The following opinions will be discussed and adopted:

  • Balancing local communities', entrepreneurs' and travellers´ needs linked to short-term rentals
    Rapporteur: Roberto CIAMBETTI (IT/ECR)

The expansion of short-term rentals has changed the face of European tourism. Praised by many for diversifying the offer and democratising access, the platforms have also been accused of turning historical districts of many European capitals into ghost cities, inflating property prices and driving local communities away. A robust and fair legal framework, correctly balancing the needs of cities, peer and professional short-term rental providers and platforms while respecting the citizens, has been called for. This opinion will explore how to create a level playing field for professionals and how to address housing issues for local people.

  • Targets and tools for a Smart Rural Europe
    Rapporteur: Radim SRŠEŇ (CZ/EPP)

The green and digital transitions are creating a new dynamic for rural areas and people living and working in villages. Whereas the European Commission's Long-term vision for rural areas for 2040 has raised awareness for the potential of rural areas in general, specific measures and funding remain to be developed in order to make the vision a reality. The opinion will make suggestions for targets and indicators, and explore how smart villages and partnership tools can contribute to implementing the long-term vision.

  • Sustainable use of plant protection products
    Rapporteur: Heinz-Joachim HÖFER (DE/PES)

The European Commission has adopted on 22 June 2022 for a new Regulation on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products, including EU wide targets to reduce by 50% the use and risk of chemical pesticides by 2030, in line with the EU's Farm to Fork and Biodiversity strategies. The main measures include: Legally binding targets at EU level to reduce by 50% the use and the risk of chemical pesticides as well as the use of the more hazardous pesticides by 2030, environmentally friendly pest control and a ban on all pesticides in sensitive areas.

Exchange of views:

  • Preparing for and dealing with crises: strengthening the resilience of the Union, its regions and cities
    Rapporteur: Christophe CLERGEAU (FR/PES)

Cities, regions and countries are resilient when the are able to cope with, adapt and recover quickly from the impact of a disaster, violence or conflict. Resilience covers all stages of disaster, from prevention and preparedness to adaptation and response, strengthening their ability to withstand crises. Resilience to various crises can only be reached at an EU level if they are reached at the local and regional level. The opinion will aim to strengthen the still largely unacknowledged role of cities and regions in the EU crisis preparedness and management policies, looking at the existing EU actions and measures as well as the vulnerabilities of EU regions and cities and making proposals to strengthen their resilience.

F2F Strategy announced a horizontal framework law to ensure policy coherence at the EU and national level and mainstream sustainability in all food-related policies to strengthen the resilience of food systems, accelerate and facilitate the transitions to sustainable food systems while ensuring that food placed on the EU market become sustainable. Members of the NAT commission will be looking into possible scope and building blocks of the framework law well ahead of its publication foreseen in the second half of the 2023.

Organizer: NAT commission
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