Opinion Factsheet  

Sostegno all'occupazione giovanile: un ponte verso il lavoro per la prossima generazione - Rafforzare la garanzia per i giovani

Opinion Number: CDR 3454/2020
Rapporteur: KARIER Romy
Commission: SEDEC
Status: Adopted
Date: 05/02/2021
• To protect young people’s rights from exploitation, promote a distinction between professional and non-professional traineeships and apprenticeships, insisting in the necessity that professional traineeships should always be paid.
• Underscore the role of regional and local authorities in the fields of employment, training, and education policies, and promote that partnerships in all phases of the Youth Guarantee should include local and regional authorities, especially during the mapping and outreach phase of the youth guarantee.
• Promote a definition of "quality offer" containing specific criteria regarding the sustainability and matching of the job opportunities offered through the youth guarantee and and increased level of homogeneity.
• Propose skills to be considered as relevant in the context of the youth Guarantee, such as green skills, digital skills, social skills and language skills.

- highlights the important role of regional and local authorities in the fields of employment, training, education and youth policies, and suggests that partnerships in all phases of the Youth Guarantee should include local and regional authorities. This is particularly the case regarding the mapping phase and the outreach phase, in which local and regional authorities could be a bridge between different stakeholders such as the social partners, educational institutions, youth organisations, public employment services and the local and regional business sector;

- considers it essential to define clear and precise binding criteria regarding the quality of the Youth Guarantee offers of employment, education, training, and apprenticeships. This could be achieved by assessing the level of match between what is being offered and the participant's profile, by ensuring the offer respects young people’s employment and social rights, by guaranteeing the offer will enable sustainable integration into the labour market and by including the quality of offers in the monitoring and data collection processes of the Youth Guarantee;

- supports the idea of promoting skills that are relevant to the job market and agrees with the emphasis on digital skills, managerial skills, entrepreneurship and autonomy and skills relevant for the green transition; insists, however, on the need to promote language skills as a priority so as to increase young people's chances of integrating into the labour market, especially in those regions where language skills are particularly important, such as cross-border regions and regions with a tourism orientated economy, and finds it regrettable that this has not been included in the new proposal;

- recommends enhancing the evaluation of all measures taken under the Youth Guarantee schemes, so that more evidence-based policies and measures can be developed on the basis of what works, where and why, thus ensuring an effective and efficient use of resources.



2. SEDEC-VII/007: Youth Employment Support: a Bridge to Jobs for the Next Generation Reinforcing the Youth Guarantee – rapporteur Romy Karier (LU/EPP)

On 29 September, Ms. Romy Karier was invited to participate to a Youth Dialogue on "Equal access to decision-making for all youth" during the EU Youth Conference of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council. During the dialogue, Ms. Romy Karier emphasized the importance of sustainable funding, common recognition and development of quality youth work, since youth organisations play a crucial role in fostering youth participation to civic and democratic life.

On 12 October, Ms. Romy Karier took part to a side event on "the Pact for Skills" during the European Week of Regions and Cities, where she presented to importance of skills to combat Youth Unemployment, and especially those that will only get more important in the future, such as digital skills, technology skills, service oriented skills, language skills and skills relevant for the green transition.

On 18 November, Ms. Romy Karier took part to the Young Elected Politicians' (YEPs) online forum on "Jobs and education for young people", where she was invited to introduce the question of youth unemployment and to open the discussion on future YEPs recommendations in this policy area.

29 Sep