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Revisione della direttiva sul trattamento delle acque reflue urbane

Opinion Number: CDR 6179/2022
Commission: ENVE
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 05/07/2023
To update and adapt standards and requirements for the collection, treatment, and discharge of urban wastewater to the local reality and global context, taking into account the latest technological advances.
To protect the environment and human health by ensuring that wastewater is adequately treated before being released into the environment, and to involve local and regional authorities in the treatment and management of wastewater.
To ensure coherence among EU water legislation, as well as synergies and alignment with the European Green Deal policies.
To support the extended producer responsibility as an incentive to develop more environmentally friendly products.
To highlight that a certain degree of flexibility, realistic timeframes, control at source, and acknowledgement of the different conditions across regions are cities are crucial to ensure the success of the Directive



Roundtable meeting with Nordic water associations

13 Mar
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