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Il regime di aiuti per la distribuzione di ortofrutticoli, banane e latte negli istituti scolastici

Opinion Number: CDR 1278/2014
Rapporteur: ŽAGUNIS Povilas
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 07/10/2014
• possibility of redistribution - proposed 15 percent are not enough, the push shall be at least towards 30;
• possibility to redistribute unused national quotas among MSs'. The effective way to boost the best performers by not punishing much the worst performers.
• no new administrative burdens and no new competencies;
• public procurement - push towards possibility for the favouring of local made produce, this way reducing carbon footprint and increasing sustainability;
• demand for minimum quality standards of supplied foodstuffs - would strengthen the programme

- welcomes the proposal to merge the schemes for distributing milk and fruit in schools and to lay down common rules for their co-financing, as well as the recommendations on increasing efficiency and improving coordination;

- recommends improving the aid scheme for the distribution of fruit and vegetables and milk in schools by providing the option of switching national aid allocations;

- is concerned about the obligation imposed on the Member States under the Regulation to monitor the scheme , and in particular about the red tape this obligation would entail for national as well as local and regional authorities in the Member States, and urges the Commission and the Member States to ensure that red tape associated with monitoring the scheme is kept to a minimum;

- taking account of ongoing discussions on the degree of processing of products eligible for aid under this scheme and given the importance of the principle of establishing a healthy diet at an early age, suggests that financial support under the aid scheme should be limited to products that are unprocessed or minimally processed, and which contain no harmful additives, sweetening agents, flavour enhancers or salt;

- calls for these schemes to allow for the possibility of prioritising support for local production and short marketing chains and urges that priority also be given to organic food products



Rapporteur's activities

High Level Conference on Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition for Children and Young People at Schools (tbc)Presidency Events in Latvia

22 Feb

Rapporteur's activities

Meeting with the Ep rapporteur (tbc)

31 Dec

Rapporteur's activities

Meeting with the EP rapporteur, M Marc Tarabella (FR/PES) (tbc)

09 Dec

CoR Plenary Session

The Plenary Session adopted the opinion with unanimity.The rapporteur calls for these schemes to allow for the possibility of prioritising support for local production and short marketing chains and urges that priority also be given to organic food products.

06 Oct

Rapporteur's activities

The Rapporteur exchanged views on the Aid scheme for the supply of fruit and vegetables, bananas and milk and his draft opinion with the EU officials, representing DG AGRI for the COM(2014)32, M Van Der Stappen. This meeting gave the Rapporteur insight into the new aid scheme and enabled him to present his views.

25 Jun


Debate, Council press releaseIn the light of discussion in the Council the main issues identified are the legal basis of the proposal, the objective and the scope of the regime and the financing provisions. One of the priorities of the IT Presidency, as indicated at the EP AGRI committee.

15 Jun

CoR Commission activity

The NAT commission adopted the opinion with unanimity.

04 Jun

European Commission

Member States Meeting jointly with the Advisory Group on "Fruit & vegetables" and the School Fruit Scheme Experts Group. After the presentation of the evaluation of the School Milk Scheme the issues related to the implementation of the School Fruit Scheme inparticular accompanying measures, logistics and distribution was discussed during this meeting.

19 May

CoR Stakeholder Consultation

15 May

CoR Commission activity

Exchange of views

07 Apr


The EC briefed the Council about its proposal for a regulation.The Commission presented its proposal for a regulation as regards the aid scheme for the supply of fruit and vegetables and milk in schools. The proposal aims to put the two different existing schemes into a single proposal in order to simplify the procedures. Minister Tsaftaris declared "Delegations agreed that the proposed scheme will contribute to improving healthy eating habits amongst school children; it will also help to foster a link between school children and agriculture". Member States generally welcomed the initiative pointing out the benefit in terms of public health of the existing schemes. Several delegations would prefer the scope of the scheme to be enlarged to processed products. In addition, several Member States noted that the proposal could put in question some elements of the CAP reform, in particular the implementation of Article 43(3) (Council competencies in the TFUE).

16 Feb

CoR Commission activity


The NAT commission appointed Mr Povilas Žagunis (LT/EA) rapporteur for opinion on Aid scheme for the supply of fruit and vegetables, bananas and milk.

05 Feb

European Commission

Legislative proposal published

29 Jan
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