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The European Commission confirms its interest in the Network of Regional Hubs  
On 29 April the European Commission organised a large scale conference in Brussels dedicated to better regulation​. Its aim was to take stock of the Commission's better regulation efforts and to sustain its commitment to this essential aspect of policy making.

The regional hubs network was represented by CoR member Olgierd Geblewicz, president of the Westpomerania Region. The network was one of the recurring topics at the conference and there are good reasons for that. Improving regulation is challenging and requires the application of evidence-based policy making. The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission acknowledge that this should be a shared effort. Involving regions, cities and their stakeholders is part of that shared effort.
Several Commission speakers at the conference explicitly referred to the network of regional hubs as an initiative that can raise the involvement regions and cities and their stakeholders and help to overcome the difficulties of collecting relevant data from them. The feedback obtained from the network will be useful for the evaluation phase of the EU's policy cycle because it will consist of unique data on how an evaluated policy has worked so far. It will help identify possible overlaps, gaps, inconsistencies, implementation problems and any obsoleteness of existing policies.
The CoR is encouraged by the Commission's favourable view on our project to better engage with local and regional administrations and their stakeholders, who are directly involved in applying Union legislation. Thus we look forward to sharing our first-hand experiences and ideas with the Commission on how EU policies can be simplified and improved.

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