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Violence against women has no place anywhere!  

​The European Committee of the Regions joins Orange The World to show European cities and regions' commitment to stop this violation of women's rights. By designing safer public spaces for women, opening women's shelters, or mainstreaming gender equality across all policies, we make concrete efforts to put an end to the violence that still affects so many women and girls in the EU.

Behind the data that we read, there are real stories of women, sisters, and mothers who are suffering.

We call on the EU institutions to swiftly adopt legislative measures to end violence against women and to all Member States to join the #IstanbulConvention.

As shown by European Committee of the Regions' Annual Report on the State of Cities and Regions, specific measures are needed to address violence against women in politics.

On the day of International Violence against Women, the President of the European Committee of the Regions, Vasco Alves Cordeiro, shared a statement on the need for local and regional authorities, national governments and EU institutions to make this a priority and adopt legislative measures to prevent and combat all forms of violence against women and girls.​​

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