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Stock-taking meeting on 'Digital Europe for all'  


Digital Europe for all is a strategy that the CoR and its stakeholders would like to develop jointly with the aim of ensuring that deployment of digital solutions and innovation brings benefits to all cities and communities of the EU.

A draft strategy document proposed for discussion by the CoR President, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, and the First Vice-President, Markku Markkula, will be sent to the registered participants in the beginning of May.

This strategy will contribute to the priorities for the new mandate of the European Commission and will be discussed on high level at several upcoming events, such as the  Digital Assembly 2019 (DA 2019), that will take place in Bucharest, 13-14 June 2019, organised by European Commission and Romanian presidency.

During this stock-taking meeting the local and regional organisations and stakeholders will be able to discuss with the representatives of the European Commission (Directorate-General CNECT) the future EU digital strategy aiming at scaling up and sharing digital solutions and measuring progress of the deployment of digital innovation across many sectors of local economy, services and democracy. Special focus will be given to the needs of the smaller and less digitally advanced cities and communities regarding their digital development.

Moreover, during the meeting the participants will be briefed on the latest plans and aims of the 'Digital for Communities' workshop at the Digital Assembly conference in Bucharest on 13th June 2019 and discuss opportunities of their active participation at the workshop and conference.

Organizer: SEDEC Secretariat
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