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Region of Murcia Reflecting on Europe:#30ERASMUS #EU60  
​The Region of Murcia will host a new Citizen Dialogue to reflect on thefuture of the European Unin. After organizing several Citizen Dialogue on
different themes so as Regional Policy or Climate and Energy, we want to put the eye on the European Youth.

Young people must give their opinion, and we must help them to know and understand, in the first place, why EU was established 60 years ago and what we have achieved since then, with an special mention to the Erasmus Program.

We have much to celebrate: 30 Anniversary of Spain in the EU, 60th Anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, 30th anniversary of Erasmus+, and even the 25th Anniversary of the LIFE programme and of the EU Habitats Directive. But the Regional government is well aware of the challenges ahead for
European citizens and the crucial moment EU is facing.
To this end, next November we invite young people from the Region of Murcia to discuss with European, national and regional youth policy experts about the future, the main challenges and opportunities for Europe they see in the coming decade. And all this in terms of citizens rights and opportunities, mobility and employment, refugees, migrant inclusion, gender equality, climate change, environment protection.

This event will be another step forward in the process of engaging citizens more effectively in public policies and, in particular, in the future of the European Union.

Organizer: Region of Murcia
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