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Digital Health and Social Care Week  
Putting the citizen at the heart of integrated care in Scotland

Interventions to promote healthy ageing and adequate caring are becoming a global challenge. The complexity of needs arising from the nature of multiple chronic conditions requires a rethinking of delivery systems, innovation, and the need to bring together a range of professionals and end-users, as well as experience and expertise from the wider public, and private and public sectors
to meet those needs in a sustainable fashion.
Scotland is now a recognised leader in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA), and has also been awarded Four Star Reference Site status (the highest award level) following a peer and expert review process in 2016. Reference Sites are highly inspirational ecosystems; delivering creative and workable solutions to improve the lives and health of older people. Scotland engages very actively with the Reference Sites in Europe to facilitate knowledge transfer and accelerate the process of innovation and growth in active and healthy ageing in Scotland and beyond.
Core to this process is the involvement of as wide a range of stakeholders as possible. As part of Scotland’s EIP on AHA collaboration, we have developed a tool to assess progress and maturity in the provision of innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing. The online tool is intended to stimulate discussion, to encourage stakeholders to share experiences, and to reach out those stakeholders who can help Europe to accelerate its journey towards innovative systems to meet future demands.

At this event, which will take place at 2017 Scottish Digital Health and Care Conference within the context of EWRC 2017 and the Committee of the Regions ‘Reflecting on Europe’ initiative, we will bring together public policy-makers and healthcare professionals to discuss and collect essential feedback from endusers and citizens on the development of this tool.

Bringing the EIP Reference Site closer to citizens and domestic policymakers is essential in order to  innovate for the creation of a sustainable and efficient care system in Scotland and beyond. As the end-users of integrated care, citizens’ views are crucial in terms of exchanging good practice on how to overcome bottlenecks to innovation, knowledge and resource-sharing. Scotland recognises the importance of effective citizen engagement in the development of partnerships both at the local and European level to increase our overall innovation capacity.

Targeted Audience: End-users, citizens, policy-makers, national public administration, regional/local authorities, public and private healthcare providers

Organizer: NHS 24
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