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Cities stand with Ukraine: A shared moment of solidarity  
​​A shared moment of solidarity for Ukraine will be held in front of city halls around Europe on Saturday 12 March.

On the initiative of Dario Nardella, President of Eurocities and Mayor of Florence, all mayors and cities are invited to join in this common embrace.

“I take inspiration from my friend, Mayor of Marseille, Benoît Payan. I propose that we invite local people, especially our Ukrainian and Russian communities, to link arms, or share a moment in front of or around our city halls," explains the mayor.

No specific time is set for the action. “We can do this at the time that works best for each of us on Saturday 12 March and I ask you to share your images on social media," says Nardella.

For social media the preferred usage will be: #CitiesWithUkraine

“Let's ensure that in our own way we keep borders open, that we champion principles of democracy, and we demonstrate in whatever way we can a commitment to our fellow Europeans," adds the mayor.

Already, the cities of Bologna, Braga, Florence, Milan, Marseille, Nice, Rotterdam, as well as Rome have joined in to support the call.

Addressing Eurocities members yesterday, Nardella said: “I am sure you will join me in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including the actions of war against our member cities in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa. Now more than ever, we hope that diplomatic efforts can put an end to these attacks and ease the already evident suffering of all people in Ukraine

“City diplomacy breaks borders. Through networks like Eurocities, and through our city twinnings, we have built strong relationships. We know and trust each other. We have respect. When we offer solidarity, it is genuine and heartfelt."

WHAT: A shared moment of solidarity for Ukraine
WHERE: In front of city halls across Europe
WHEN: Saturday 12 March​

Contact Person: Alex Godson
Organizer: Eurocities
Email: +32 495 298 594 //
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