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20th CIVEX commission meeting and Conference  

​The 20th meeting of the CIVEX commission will take place on 20 September 2018 in Athens. It will be followed on 21 September by a conference on "Security challenges - Regional and local approaches".

The opinion on the EU Enlargement Package (Rapporteur Franco IACOP (IT/PES) is due to be adopted; there will also be an exchange of views on the Neighbourhood and the world programmes (Rapporteur Hans Janssen NL/EPP) and general exploratory debates on the Rights and Values Programme (Rapporteur François Decoster FR/ALDE) and on the Asylum and Migration Fund (Rapporteur Peter Bossman SI/PES). A thematic debate on the integration of migrants is also on the agenda, with representatives of LRAs and migrants, CoR members, OECD. The Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos has been invited to attend the debate and to open the conference on the following day.

The conference on 21 September will address security challenges, such as terrorism and violent extremism,  that must be addressed effectively in order to ensure that people live in an area of freedom and security, as outlined in the European Agenda on Security. Though the Member States are mainly responsible for security, cities and regions are often the first levels of governance confronted with crisis and as a result are places where problems emerge, but also where solutions can be found.

Organizer: CIVEX
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