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​​​The European Union has condemned and sanctioned Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, and is protecting the rights of displaced people.

This page is a non-exhaustive resource on what funding and support is available from the European Union to support local and regional authorities in welcoming refugees.​


EU funding (general support)

EU funding available to support refugees includes:

Technical support

  • Solidarity Platform: Created to coordinate support to Member States in need, including humanitarian support, support for border management, protection for those fleeing and support for reception capacity.
  • Technical Support Instrument (TSI): Support for Member States to build institutional capacity, including to provide access to services such as housing, education, and employment. Other measures for which support is available include skills recognition and employment.


Support is available or is being developed for emergency and long-term accommodation. For the fullest and latest information, follow the links:

  • Safe Homes initiative: For Europeans who are making their homes available to refugees. This taps into the experience of community sponsorship programmes.
  • European Regional Development Fund: Supporting social housing for families and individuals in the community. Includes funding for the purchase and refurbishment of accommodation.
  • European Social Fund: Targeting support community-based services and accommodation, especially for those with special needs, disabilities, children and older people.


The Temporary Protection Directive allows Ukrainian refugees to seek work in the EU.

  • EU Skills Profile Tool for non-EU nationals: This tool-kit for job-seekers now provides Ukrainian-language guidance for Ukrainian refugees seeking work or training. The Commission will also pilot a new Talent Pool to match skills with job vacancies.


For the fullest and latest information on existing and emerging support for pupils and teachers, please click on the links:

  • Teaching material: School Education Gateway is intended to serve as a one-stop shop to link to educational material from Ukraine and Member States' material in the Ukrainian language.
  • University students: The Flexibility in the Erasmus+ funding programme supports the education of refugee students and higher-education staff.
  • Teachers: The eTwinning community provides a secure space for teachers among the refugees from Ukraine.
  • Teachers with Ukrainian children in their classThe Publications Office of the EU created a downloadable booklet in all EU languages to help everyday communication in classes around Europe. It's proving very popular with teachers.​


Scholars in need can seek support from the following:

  • ERA4Ukraine, a European Commission / Euraxess initiative, supports researchers by providing an overview of all existing actions at European and national levels.
  • Science4refugees | Euraxess provides research refugee-friendly internships, part-time and full-time jobs, access to the European research community, as well as information and support services.
  • InSPIREurope: A Europe-wide, EU-funded initiative to support researchers are at risk.


This Info-Support Hub is an initiative led by the CoR Working Group on Ukraine for EU local/regional authorities and territorial stakeholders offering information, support and advocacy.​


Darja Gontsarova-Parvulescu
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