National Delegation 

National Delegation of Italy

​All the IT members of CoR are representative of regional or local authorities and hold an electoral mandate or are politically accountable to an elected assembly. Representatives of the Conferenza delle Regioni e delle Province autonome, of the Associazione dei Comuni italiani, of the Conferenza dei Presidenti delle Assemblee legislative and of the Unione delle Province italiane support the activities of the IT Delegation. Together with the national Coordinator, they compose the secretariat of the IT Delegation.


​Appointing th​​e delegation

The appointment of the IT members is provided by Law 234 of 2012, article 27. The above mentioned Associations propose to the Government the 24 full members and the 24 alternates. The relative composition between regional and local representatives is set in a specific agreement reached in the Conference with local and regional authorities and the Government (Conferenza Unificata). Each association has its own method for the appointment of the members, according to political and geographic criteria.

​​Other useful information

The IT Delegation aims to ensure that all members are able to play a full and active part. Since the COR grants each full member to participate to two commissions while it does not allow alternates to take part to commissions unless delegated, the IT Delegation informally agreed that each full member will delegate on a permanent basis an alternate member in one of the two commissions he is assigned, creating a de facto “permanent alternates".
The IT Delegation meets in Brussels before the Pl​enary sessions.

​The national Coordinator is based in Rome. He actually does not represent any association, but has a professional assignment given by each Associations.

The national associations provide the policy guidelines to the IT Delegation.​

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Alberto CIRIO 
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