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Entrepreneurial societies make resilient regions  
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To get Europe back on the road to inclusive, sustainable growth we need to (re)kindle Europe’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

This webinar is addressed to policy makers, stakeholders and academics active in the field of entrepreneurship and SME policies and its objective is to look at local and regional factors and enablers to mobilizing human, financial and knowledge resources for entrepreneurial activity in Europe.

European regions and cities face a different landscape and diverging recovery prospects. The crisis is going to persist longer than initially expected and its repercussions are going to be felt more strongly in more vulnerable regions. Consequently, the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically emphasises the need to invest in developing entrepreneurial societies, being a crucial factor to build resilient regions. 

The webinar will start with an academic presentation on the key trends for innovative entrepreneurial activity in Europe, providing also some key elements for a possible action agenda increasing the capabilities of local and regional authorities to build strong regional entrepreneurial ecosystems. The presentation will be based on recommendations of a Horizon2020 project that develops Financial and Institutional Reforms to build an Entrepreneurial Society (FIRES) in Europe, the results of which are more than ever relevant for a post-pandemic recovery. 

Invited guests speakers from the OECD and the European Committee of the Regions will exchange views on some identified policy challenges, such as the mismatch between policy makers and ecosystems, or the policy dilemma of saving existing SMEs vs. investing in "creative disruption". Concrete ideas will be discussed on how to tailor policies to local/regional specificities and how to collaborate to reduce regional inequalities and create more entrepreneurial hotspots in Europe. ​

D​​raft agenda

​​Welcome and introduction
  • Bert Kuby, Head of Unit of the ECON commission
  • Mark Sanders, Professor of International Economics at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics, coordinator of the Horizon2020 FIRES project
​13.25Reactions and discussion
  • Eddy Van Hijum, Member of the Council of the Overijssel Province, rapporteur of the CoR opinion on the EU SME Strategy ​
  • Jonathan Potter, Head of the Entrepreneurship Policy and Analysis Unit of the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities

    Moderated by Bert Kuby, including possible Q&A session
​13.55Closing of the webinar
  • TBC, Michael Murphy, President of the ECON commission

Contact Person: Piotr Zajaczkowski
Organizer: OECD and Committee of the Regions ECON commission
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