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Svereg conference 2023  

The debate on the future of the EU's cohesion policy is already gathering momentum. In just a few years, the European Commission will present its proposals ahead of the negotiations for the next EU programme period post 2027. EU funding has a major impact on the development mission at both regional and local level. In light of this, SveReg, which is a Brussels based network made up of representatives from the Swedish city and regional offices in Brussels, is organising a conference to discuss questions such as; What are the key issues of future cohesion policy? How do Swedish regions and municipalities want to contribute to shape cohesion policy post 2027?

The purpose of this conference is to provide an EU perspective on the future policy for sustainable regional development and to promote a dialogue on the role of the local and regional level in the future of cohesion policy. The conference will be co-hosted by the Committee of Regions.

The conference is in line with the #CohesionAlliance which is a coalition of stakeholders who believe that EU cohesion policy should remain a cornerstone of the EU in the future.

You can find more information here.

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