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Youth, education and research - challenges and perspectives  

This Dialog 1 event is embedded in a series of preliminary events for the planned "European Future Talks" again in Bad St. Leonhard in September 2022. Around 50 students (2 classes) will deal with and work on statements from speakers and questions primarily on the subject of the future of the European Union. In addition, students from Pro Scientia Graz and young members of the local community council are invited. The event will be organized in the form of a World Cafe, where participants will have the opportunity to discuss the Year of Youth, research and education opportunities in the Union, the "Green Deal" and other current EU issues. The students will work out and define the topics of the 'round tables' themselves in advance. The speakers are also available for impulses. The statements and unanswered questions will be posted on the Plattform for the Conference on the Future of Europe and will be discussed further at the "Future Talks" in September.​

Contact Person: Johannes Maier
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