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The Young in the Future of Europe  

In the context of the commemorative activities of May 9, the directorate general for Economy and European Affairs of the Government of Cantabria is organizing a local event in which young, political representatives, including members of the Committee of the Regions and teachers will discuss the future of the European Union, and the challenges it's facing nowadays.

The Citizens' Dialogue supported by J. J. Sota Verdión (ES/EPP) will take place at the University of Cantabria. The format will be an open discussion with four thematic blocks: The role of the Committee of the Regions. The territorial dimension of the European legislation; A Europe for citizens (development of the concept of citizenship of the EU since the Treaty of Maastricht); The main challenges of the EU in the coming years. The future of the EU (Brexit, crisis, refugee migration, security ); Mobility and employment in the EU. Erasmus + Programme, European initiatives to promote employment among young people. The target audience will be students and teachers. The Reflecting o Europe app will be tested during the event to collect feedback from participants.  Partners: Europe Direct Cantabria and Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cantabria.

Organizer: Gobierno de Cantabria
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