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Hands-on training and knowledge transfer workshop - session 3  
​​​​​The first phase of the project A new chapter for participatory democracy​ consists of hands-on training and knowledge transfer workshops.

The third online workshop, on 15 September 2023, will focus on how to institutionalise and embed participation projects into regular policy making. The involvement of politicians, communication and outreach, follow-up processes on the results, evaluation; instruments, methods and permanent mechanisms to institutionalize citizen participation at local and regional level, contributing to a more participatory culture.

It will give an insight to:

  • Creating an institutional framework and a participatory culture: Good arguments for politicians and public administration
  • Strategies for establishing a participatory governance: How to overcome reservations in politics and administration and how to implement participatory processes and structures
  • Good examples for institutionalising citizen participation: How can guidelines for good participation, dedicated participation offices and regulations support a sustainable participatory culture?
  • Webpages, deliberative parliamentary committees, and permanent citizen assemblies: How to institutionalise concrete participatory instruments
  • Citizen participation and the EU-Level: How to link regional/local deliberative processes to the EU Legislation? What support for participation practitioners does the European Commission offer?
For a more detailed agenda click here.​

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