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14th COTER External Commission meeting and Conference – 11-12 July 2022, Prague, Czech Republic – in-person only  


External COTER conference and meeting, 
11-12 July
Palace Zofin
Slovanský ostrov 226

COTER conference (11 July 2022)

Investing into decarbonisation and modernisation of public transport with participation of:

  • ​Zdeněk Hřib (CZ/Greens), Mayor of Prague
  • Patrick Child, Deputy Director General of DG Environment & EU mission manager for Climate-neutral and Smart Cities
During the conference two case-studies will be presented relating to the development and deployment of the Prague metropolitan area's Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).
Special highlights of the conference will include the EU roundtable on financing transport modernisation and decarbonisation projects from the EU programme and sources where COTER members will have the opportunity to exchange their experiences with representatives of the Czech Council Presidency and other EU institutions, presentation of three regional case-studies by COTER members, and a series of technical visits to public transport projects in the Prague area. COTER members will also be invited to an official dinner hosted by the Mayor of Prague and the Czech Council Presidency.

14th COTER Commission meeting (12 July 2022)

All meeting documents are available on the CoR Members' Portal.

Opinions for discussion and adoption:
  • Towards a macro-regional strategy in the Mediterranean - Rapporteur: Nikola DOBROSLAVIC (HR/EPP)
  • 8th report on economic, social and territorial cohesion - Rapporteur: Nathalie SARRABEZOLLES (FR/PES)
  • Small urban areas as key actors to manage a just transition - Rapporteur: Kieran MCCARTHY (IE/EA)
  • uidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) - Rapporteur: Isabelle BOUDINEAU (FR/PES)
  • The New EU Urban Mobility Framework - Rapporteur: Linda GAASCH (LU/GREENS)
  • The next generation of own resources for the EU Budget - Rapporteur: Nathalie SARRABEZOLLES (FR/PES)
Opinions for an exchange of views:
  • Enhancing cohesion policy support for regions with geographic and demographic handicaps - Rapporteur: Marie-Antoinette MAUPERTUIS (FR/EA)

Organizer: COTER secretariat
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