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ECOS-V-015 - Role of LRAs in Europe 2020 Strategy

Opinion Number: CDR 72/2011
Rapporteur: MARKKULA Markku
Commission: ECOS-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 12/10/2011

- draws attention to its firm commitment to its proposal to establish a "Territorial Pact of Regional and Local Authorities for the Europe 2020 Strategy" with the aim of ensuring multi-level ownership of the strategy through effective partnership between the relevant bodies of the European Union, and national, regional and local public authorities. This proposal is supported by the European Parliament, European Commission and European Council Territorial Pacts should focus on a few tailor-made priorities which have a special value for the region concerned;

- acknowledges the huge gap between the latest research knowledge and real-life practice. Strong regional measures are needed to turn research results into innovation that is locally tailored and can be applied throughout Europe;

- stresses the importance of building regional innovation capacity on the basis of smart specialisation and complementarities in neighbouring regions;

- calls for pioneering regions to form European consortiums integrating different capabilities to create ground-breaking societal innovations for Europe-wide use. Through its various actors, each region can become a pioneer focusing on its own needs and strengths;

- encourages the regions to move towards open innovation, within a human-centred vision of partnerships between public and private sector actors, with universities and other knowledge institutions playing a crucial role, i.e. to modernise the Triple Helix concept.
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