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Zakonodavni prijedlozi za Uredbu o raspodjeli tereta i Uredbu o LULUCF-u

Opinion Number: CDR 5780/2016
Rapporteur: GOTMANS Juri
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 22/03/2017

- takes the view that local and regional authorities have a decisive role in the sectors covered by the Effort-Sharing Regulation and the LULUCF Regulation, as these regulations require the inclusion of the territorial dimension. At the same time, these are areas where local and regional authorities could be active, in view of their legal responsibilities and powers;

- stresses that all Member States and sectors of the economy contribute to achieving the CO2 emission reductions, balancing considerations of fairness and solidarity, and adapting national targets within the group of Member States with a GDP per capita above the Union average proportionately in order to reflect cost-effectiveness in a fair and balanced manner;

- calls on the Commission to propose concrete solutions to the problems of those regions which are highly dependent on fossil-fuel use or energy intensive industries, or which may be otherwise disproportionally affected by the application of the proposed Regulations in the context of the necessary transition to a low-carbon economy;

- points out that the Effort-Sharing Regulation provides for many opportunities for flexibility aimed at helping the Member States to meet their 2030 emission reduction targets. In this context, warns that flexibility should not lead to more emissions in some Member States or to the setting of lower targets through manipulation, either before the provisions enter into force or when the flexibility mechanism is applied;

- stresses that the funding opportunities must be extended to the local and regional level, acting as an attractive complement to private finance and for credit institutions. In addition to the provision of national and European funding in the form of grants and co-financing, consideration could be given to improving the creditworthiness of local and regional authorities and their capacity to grant loans.
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