Opinion Factsheet  

Revizija trgovinske politike

Opinion Number: CDR 3380/2020
Rapporteur: BORSUS Willy
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 19/03/2021
To ensure that trade policy is thoroughly overhauled in order to ensure consistency with the European Green Deal commitments for sustainable and inclusive growth, meet the challenges of the digital transition, increase the competitiveness of EU industry, contribute to the growth of employment in Europe and to enhancing the standard of living of all citizens; emphasises, finally, that trade policy must enhance the resilience of the European Union and ensure it has the capacity to absorb current and future systemic shocks, especially those arising from climate change, migratory flows, heightened geopolitical tensions and the risk of further pandemics and health crises
To strengthen the enforcement of trade rules, which responds to the current deadlock in the functioning of the WTO Appellate Body and which will also apply in the context of trade agreements – bilateral or regional – where a partner unilaterally imposes sanctions against the EU and blocks the dispute settlement procedure provided for in the agreements.
To extend the EU's ability to impose retaliatory measures such as tariffs, quantitative restrictions and in the field of public procurement to services and intellectual property.
To ensure the revision of the impact analysis model and to carry out full, in-depth impact analyses (by sector and sub-sector, by geographical area - country/region - within the EU, in terms of impact on SMEs and in the social, environmental, climate and human rights sphere) of each existing agreement, together with aggregated impact analyses (based on the same criteria) of all existing agreements, in order to ensure that the EU's trade policy is conducted to the advantage of all, citizens and businesses.
The opinion is foreseen for adoption on 19 March 2021. It is therefore premature to measure the possible impact of the opinion at this stage.