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Model tržišta električne energije

Opinion Number: CDR 2118/2023
Rapporteur: FREY Josef
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 05/07/2023
• To call on the EC and Member States to provide local and regional authorities with a stronger role in the energy transition.
• To propose decentralised solutions that can contribute to decarbonise and democratise a clean energy transition.
• To support the sustainable deployment of renewable energies in order to achieve a decarbonised electricity system by 2035.
• To set up one-stop-shops to provide advice, information and tailored solutions on energy related matters to households, small and medium companies and local communities.
• To boost new businesses models, energy sharing schemes and local consumers investment in local generation facilities.
• To showcase the great potential in further strengthening LRAs in order to achieve a people-oriented energy transition.


- calls for a stronger role of local and regional authorities in the energy transition. underlines the proposal's potential to decarbonise, decentralise and democratise the energy transition by means of a strong local and regional dimension.

- points out that local and regional authorities should develop climate-friendly energy supply roadmaps and integrated planning for electricity, heat and gas grids for their region.

- emphasises the need to set up “One-stop shops” to provide practical advice and improve regulatory delivery to households, businesses and communities on energy related matters.

- acknowledges the importance of developing new business models with local economic cycles, for the future of the energy market; in particular, consumers should be encouraged to transition into active consumers and prosumers.

- stresses that the energy transition requires non-bureaucratic, flexible, decentralised solutions such as promoting self-consumption, energy communities, decentralised storage facilities and simple feed-in options.

- reiterates that preferential treatment should be granted to energy communities and local consumers to invest in local generation facilities.

- stresses the need to support vulnerable consumers, low-income households and vulnerable energy intense industrial customers.



Euractiv article by Josha Frey " the local dimension of EU's transition to renewable electricity"

Article in Euractiv by Josha Frey, Rapporteur of the CoR opinion on the reform of the electricity market design, "the local dimension of the EU's transition to renewable electricity" https://www.euractiv.com/section/electricity/opinion/the-local-dimension-of-the-eus-transition-to-renewable-electricity/

20 Jul
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