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Zajednička ribarstvena politika na terenu: prema održivim i otpornim obalnim zajednicama u EU-u

Opinion Number: CDR 1876/2023
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 29/11/2023

 calls for a balance to be maintained between the three sustainability pillars of the CFP (environmental, economic and social) to safeguard the long-term viability of the sector;

 calls for the CFP's general and specific objectives to be laid down in a fully implementable, clearer and more practical way, reflecting the characteristics of each EU region, and believes that creating a Fisheries and Oceans Pact, and recognising fishers and aquaculture farmers as guardians or administrators of the sea, can contribute to this; the strategic role of fishers and aquaculture farmers in the food value chain and in ensuring food security by providing high quality healthy food to consumers must not be overlooked;

 underlines the socio-economic implications of the measures proposed by the Commission and calls for a gradual and sustainable transition for all EU regions, in the search for the best fishing practices with adequate financial support in line with the EMFAF, or if this is not possible, to ensure fair and dignified compensation mechanisms.

- calls for more EU and Member States support for the renewal of the fisheries sector, its decarbonisation and improved safety standards, through increased funding opportunities and awareness-raising in the sector, in line with existing EMFAF and state aid rules;

- stresses the importance of framework of fair competition, removing the inconsistencies between the CFP and the common commercial policy, preventing seafood products that do not comply with EU standards from entering the European single market;

- calls for the next Commission to have a separate maritime and fisheries portfolio not linked to the environment, as it is currently the case.
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