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State aid draft consultation underway  

​​The draft of the questionnaire for the fourth #RegHub consultation, on state aid, is being finalised.

Considering the key role of subnational governments in the provision of Services of General Economic Interest (SGEIs) along with the decisive role of the regional State aid framework in the way Member States and regions address regional disparities, the upcoming consultation of the Hubs will focus on the SGEIs and the regional State aid framework 2014-2020.​

SGEIS are economic activities which deliver outcomes in the overall public good that would not be supplied (or would be supplied under different conditions in terms of objective quality, safety, affordability, equal treatment or universal access) by the market without public intervention.

With respect to the regional State aid framework, it establishes the methodology and criteria for the determination of regions eligible for regional State aid in the Member States. It sets out the rules for drawing up regional aid maps that define in which areas (assisted areas) companies can receive regional state aid and at what intensity promoting in this way the development of disadvantaged regions in Europe.

The aim of the consultation will be to collect evidence and to identify the key challenges encountered by the regional hubs and their stakeholders in implementing the State aid framework in these two policy areas.

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