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EU Law and Policy Institute Europa decentraal discussed with the Regional Hubs Network project director and coordinators the future of EU Better Regulation  
​On 30 April Mr Thomas Wobben, Director for Legisative Work 2 at the European Committee of the Regions, and Fenna Pols, Director of EU Law and Policy Institute Europa decentraal and Member of the REFIT Platform, met in Brussels and discussed the complementary and mutual reinforcing aspects of the EU Better Regulation Agenda and the Regional Hubs Network. The Better regulation insight tool (BRIGHT) was presented by David Schutrups, Better Regulation Advisor of Europa decentraal. The BRIGHT tool can be used as a methodology for Local and Regional authorities to engage with the EU Better Regulation Agenda. Mr Wobben and Ms Pols agreed to explore how this methodology can be useful for the work of the Regional Hub Network pilot project.

Better regulation Insight tool
The Better Regulation Insight Tool (BRIGHT) provides local and regional authorities with a set of tools they can use to bring their EU regulatory bottlenecks to the attention of the European Commission. BRIGHT offers an E-learning tool, a Quick Scan and a Roadmap.  The tool is designed with the aim of helping stakeholders engage with the EU Better Regulation Agenda in a bottom-up approach.
The tool is available via

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