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The role of cultural heritage in the construction of the Europe for citizens  


​In the wider context of the debate on the Future of Europe, cultural heritage allows us to explore what unites us, our common roots, and enables us to reconcile our differences. Europe has always been a host region and this is reflected in our cultural heritage, with its artistic and cultural influences from other regions.

The objective of the SEDEC seminar is to highlight and boost the important role of cultural heritage in Europe as a resource and a common good - essential for the quality of a place, that determines attractiveness and thereby competitiveness for business, investors and creative and enterprising individuals.

The seminar will also deliver on the European Committee of Regions contribution to the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018 by including a strong territorial component stressing the fundamental role of local and regional authorities in the management, promotion, protection and safeguarding of the European cultural heritage.

The event will bring together elected representatives of EU cities and regions and representatives of national authorities, the European Commission and agencies, artists, university and business. While a special focus will be on cultural development strategies, the participants will consider alternatives and new visions to promote the economic and social value of cultural heritage by exchanging knowledge that is already being developed within a local and regional context and could be applied at a wider European level.


The debate will feed in the preparation of the two related CoR draft Opinions   to be adopted at the CoR Plenary session on 16-17 May 2018, timely ahead of the Council meeting that on 22-23 May 2018 will adopt Conclusions on "the need of bringing cultural heritage to the fore across policies in the EU".


Organizer: SEDEC Commission with the Regional Government of Castilla y León
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