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21st SEDEC Commission Meeting  

The 21st SEDEC Commission meeting will take place on 27 November 2018 from 11:00 to 15:30 in the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, room JDE 52.

During the meeting the Work Programme of the SEDEC commission for 2019 will be discussed.

Presentation, followed by debate of the SEDEC study on "Addressing brain drain: The local and regional  dimension", by Simona Cavallini, Fondazione FORMIT.

First discussion and adoption of the draft opinions on

"Artificial Intelligence for Europe", Rapporteur Jan TREI (EE/EPP)


 "A renewed European Agenda for Research and Innovation", Rapporteur Birgitta SACRÉDEUS (SE/EPP)

Organizer: SEDEC Commission
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