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Second Meeting of the CoR-EC Broadband Platform (virtual)  

​​​​​​​​European Commission experts and local and regional politicians will virtually gather to discuss challenges and opportunities linked to digital transition and connectivity for the cities and regions in Europe. This second meeting in 2021 will focus on how to measure digital transformation, including through the Digital Compass/Digital Decade initiative by the European Commission and the CoR-ESPON LORDI index, and on embedding these initiatives in the green and digital transformation at local level. It will also provide Members with the opportunity to debate the status of connectivity and the contribution of the Connectivity Toolbox and the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive.

CoR Members ​of the Broadband Platform:

Vanessa Charbonneau (FR/ECON, NAT)
Gillian Coughlan (IE) for Kate Feeney (ECON/SEDEC)
Ilpo Heltimoinen (FI/ECON, NAT)
Jácint Horváth (HU/NAT, SEDEC)
Tanya Hristova (BG/COTER, SEDEC)
Anne Karjalainen (FI/SEDEC, ECON)
Markku Markkula (FI/ENVE, SEDEC)
Dr Kieran McCarthy (IE/SEDEC, COTER)
Michael Murphy (IE/ECON, CIVEX)
Christophe Rouillon (FR/ECON, CIVEX)
Florian Siekmann (DE) for Bernd Voss (ENVE/NAT)
Mindaugas Sinkevičius (LT/CIVEX, ECON)
​Mart Vorklaev (EE/CIVEX, ENVE)​​

Contact Person: Anke SCHUSTER
Organizer: ECON Commission
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