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Kicking off the Green Deal in Northern and Western Ireland  
​​​Three Committee of the Regions Members took part in a Green Deal Information online event for Irish citizens on the 22nd, 24th and 26th of February 2021.

Local councillors Declan McDonnell and Enda Stenson (both IE/EA), were joined by Andries Gryffroy (BE/EA) from the Flemish Parliament, and MEPs Maria Walsh and Colm Markey MEP (both IE/EPP), for this three half-day local dialogue event to promote the European Green Deal and the benefits it could bring to the Northern and Western Region of Ireland.

Experts from the European Commission, NGOs and think-tanks presented the details of the European Green Deal, and how local authorities, business and citizens could access the funding and support that it will provide.

The CoR report on the event is here:

Recordings of the three online sessions are also available through the website of the Northern & Western Regional Assembly, which organised the event.

The event was supported by the CoR through its Future of Europe campaign; more details of the support available to CoR Members to hold local dialogue events, and an easy to use online application form, are on the newly redesigned Future of Europe webpage​.​

Organizer: Northern & Western Regional Authority, Ireland
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