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The Future of Talents – Actors of the future of Europe  
​​​​​​​​The Future of Europe will depend on too many aspects and challenges that partly we cannot foresee. But what we can do now is to guarantee what will contribute to the wellbeing of the future generation and to invest in talents as well for this reason. Our future will be in their hands, therefore we must debate on the necessary measures needed for our talented citizens.

This event focused on the talents’ support all over the European Union and on the presentation of the best practices and proposals on such activities. The EU needs to bet on the talent of its ​labour force, prevent brain drain and provide training in the right skills to citizens at all stages of their lives, no matter where they live. Without support, the current gap will be greater and we cannot afford to have huge disparities within the EU and therefore young people with no prospect in one country to be forced to move to another. 

For this very reason, specific policies and concrete support measures are needed to avoid a brain drain from some regions and countries within the EU due to insufficient opportunities being available for young people. It is crucial to make Europe more attractive to prevent the drain of European talents and workforce to third countries to prevent the hampering of territorial cohesion, particularly as regards those areas which have an acute loss of young talent.

This event was hosted by Mr.Csaba Borboly, President of Harghita County Council (Romania) and Member of the European Committee of the Regions.

The debate gave the floor to speakers from :

  • the European Commission
  • the European Parliament 
  • European associations on talents support ​​
  • the TalentMagnet Project​ partnership
  • and more! ​

It was followed by a questions and answers session, before a conclusion and presentation of the proposals towards the audience and the EU decision makers.

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