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Annual Conference of the European Entrepreneurial Regions: Building the entrepreneurial ecosystems of the future  


Background and objectives:
Tying together different thematic strands of the European Committee of the Regions' work on entrepreneurship policy – including easing SME access to finance, supporting start-ups and scale-ups, and creating smart regulation – the conference will address the comprehensive topic of how regions and cities can best strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems and formulate sustainable solutions to make their business environments more robust and future-proof.

It will explore methods to establish an evidence-base for successful entrepreneurship policies, create a dialogue between regional and local decision-makers, actors of regional and local entrepreneurial ecosystems and EU institutions, and identify a toolbox of good practices that can help strengthen regional and local entrepreneurial ecosystems. Particular attention will be paid to supporting policy design through territorial foresight, in order to help regions and cities increase the resilience of their ecosystems against future shocks while ensuring the agility necessary to capitalise on emerging opportunities.
The event will also provide concrete tips and advice to potential applicants for the EER 2019 edition.
The morning session will address three main questions:
  • What tools are available to map local and regional entrepreneurial ecosystems, in order to provide the necessary evidence-base for targeted policy interventions?
  • How to develop comprehensive and forward-looking strategies to build and strengthen local and regional ecosystems?
  • How can instruments such as territorial foresight and global trends research help us make entrepreneurial ecosystems future-proof?

The afternoon session will translate the results of the conference into actionable principles for entrepreneurship policy-making. Conceived as an interactive and participatory master-class for regional and local policy practitioners, it will provide participants with concrete tools to develop future-oriented entrepreneurial strategies tailored to the specific needs of their territories. At the same time, it will offer tips and insights on how applicants for the EER 2019 edition can turn an ambitious entrepreneurial strategy into a successful EER application.


What is the EER?
The European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) Award is an initiative of the European Committee of the Regions identifying and rewarding EU regions and cities with outstanding, future-oriented entrepreneurial strategies, regardless of their size, wealth or specific competences. The territories with the most visible, credible, forward-looking and promising political vision are granted the label "European Entrepreneurial Region" (EER) for a specific year. The EER 2019 edition is open for applications until 17 April 2018.

Organizer: European Committee of the Regions
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