Cliceáil anseo chun leagan meaisínaistrithe den téacs a fháil.
EU regions and cities welcome Member States' commitment to keep Cohesion Policy as a core pillar of the Union  

​​Members of the #CohesionAlliance – the EU-wide coalition of 12,000 signatories advocating for a stronger Cohesion Policy – react to the conclusions on Cohesion Policy adopted today by the General Affairs Council of the EU.

The #CohesionAlliance welcomes the conclusions adopted by the General Affairs Council, which underline the importance of cohesion as a principle, policy, objective and pillar of the European Union, while stressing that cohesion is a long-term policy that should continue benefitting all EU regions. Although it helped mitigate the effects of recent crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia's war against Ukraine, Cohesion Policy must remain the most important EU long-term policy to reduce disparities among territories.

The Alliance is ready to work with the European Commission and Member States to further define the "do no harm to cohesion" principle, which should prevent the creation of new inequalities in Europe. Strengthening cohesion as an overall value of the European Union is more pressing than ever.

The #CohesionAlliance welcomes the recognition that Cohesion Policy should continue to be based on shared management and partnership agreements between European, national, regional and local authorities, with the involvement of local stakeholders. Moreover, the Alliance highlights the Ministers' call against the multiplication and fragmentation of funding instruments to avoid the risk of overlaps with Cohesion Policy. The call takes on board the request included into the new declaration adopted by #CohesionAlliance's members in October.

The EU-wide coalition recalls its commitment for a simplification of Cohesion Policy in the future, and for the improvement of its effectiveness and positive outcomes for European citizens. Partners are mobilized for the efficient implementation of the 2021-27 investment plans, and stand ready to contribute to the debate on the future of Cohesion policy.

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