Detail of the vacancy notice

Reference: COR/AD7-AD11/11/23
Directorate: Directorate E, Human Resources and Finance
Function Group: AD
Management: No
Deadline: 28/04/2023 12:00
Job Title: Deputy head of unit in charge of the financial verification
Unit/Service: Unit E4 – Financial Management
Grade: AD7-AD11
Location: Brussels


Your job and responsibilities

Are you looking for a key position in financial management, with a variety of tasks and do you want to exercise a management function?

Are you interested in playing an important and recognized role in a human-sized organization while contributing to horizontal projects of strategic importance for the institution?

Are you a person driven by a true culture of service, with a critical and analytical mind, capable of working for the simplification of procedures and the modernization of the institution, who is not afraid of change but who accompanies it?

As deputy head of unit, you assist the head of unit in the day-to-day management of the unit, its resources and in achieving the unit's objectives.

You are also directly in charge of part of the responsibilities of the unit which allow you to work for the continuous professionalization and consolidation of financial management throughout the institution. These tasks include the development of guidance for financial actors, the promotion of the exchange of knowledge and know-how within the financial community of the CoR and possibly the organization of training for financial actors.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to contribute to other tasks of a more horizontal nature such as the allocation and reorganization of office space, the further digitization of financial processes, or the implementation of the electronic signature system for financial management.

As head of the verification cell, you are in charge of coordinating and supervising a dynamic and experienced team of 6 financial verifying agents of which you are also an active member. This involves, among other things:

  • Ensure the day-to-day planning, coordination, execution and supervision of the tasks of the sector: define and follow the objectives of the sector, distribute and coordinate the tasks between the members of the team, ensure that the decisions are implemented consistently and in a timely manner, ensuring quality control and verifying compliance of decisions and operations with official rules and procedures, taking the final decision where necessary in some of the most complex cases;
  • Promote good internal communication and team spirit, motivate and inspire staff, contribute to a positive work environment, encourage and monitor performance, be attentive to the needs of colleagues and provide them with the necessary assistance to develop their potential and skills;
  • Provide support and guidance to the Head of Unit regarding staff development and team performance;
  • Promote effective collaboration with the members of the financial community at the CoR: understand and accommodating insofar as possible the needs and specificities of the respective services of the CoR; establish effective collaboration with the authorising officers by sub-delegation and with the operational actors in the operational services.

As a financial verifying agent, you are responsible for the ex-ante verifi​cation of the legality, regularity and sound financial management of all types of budgetary transactions (commitments, payments, recovery orders, transfers) and legal transactions (procedures for call for tenders and decision to award contracts, contracts, purchase orders) of the institution, with the aim of reducing the risk of irregularities.

You ensure that these transactions have been carried out correctly, in accordance with the Financial Regulation and other applicable rules and you give your independent opinion to the authorising officers by sub-delegation so as to allow the latter to decide whether to authorize a transaction or not.

You are also responsible for controlling recruitment files, files setting or modifying statutory rights, as well as controlling salaries using a specific procedure.

You carry out thematic ex post verifications annually at the request of the authorising officers by sub-delegation.

You play a role of assistance and advice​ to the initiating agents and the authorising officers of the institution with regard to the interpretation of the applicable rules and procedures as well as for any type of financial question relating to budget execution under direct management. You may need to organize meetings with the initiating services in the event of more complex transactions.

Finally, in general, you will be asked to acquire sufficient knowledge of the overall structure of the organization and the internal control systems in place to understand their role, including the risks that the controls aim to limit, the operations to be controlled and the adequate intensity of controls required for each of them.

In the light of evolving needs, also other relevant tasks and responsibilities within the remit of unit E4 may be assigned by the Head of Unit.

Are you the talent we are looking for?

  • You hold a university degree, preferably in financial, economic, accounting or legal management;
  • You have solid professional experience of at least 5 years in financial management and a good knowledge of the financial regulations applicable within the European institutions (Financial Regulations, public procurement rules, etc.);
  • You have proven experience in team management with an ability to delegate, supervise, give and receive feedback and motivate staff;
  • You are able to assist the head of unit in the daily management of the unit or replace him in the event of his absence or unavailability;
  • You have excellent analytical and synthesis skills (ability to distinguish the essential from the accessory and to identify areas of risk), organization and communication skills, as well as a trained eye for figures and details;
  • You are a committed, motivated, persevering, flexible person, capable of absorbing a heavy workload from time to time and effectively managing several tasks at the same time;
  • You are able to quickly assimilate decisions and regulations and check their correct application;
  • You are a rigorous person, with a strong sense of responsibility who knows how to work independently but with team spirit, endowed with a sense of interpersonal relationships and diplomacy as well as with integrity and discretion;
  • You have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another of these languages. For functional reasons, a high level of English and / or French is required;
  • You have a good command of standard IT applications and tools (Outlook, Excel, Word, Business Objects, SharePoint, etc.) as well as the ABAC financial management system.

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