[Y] Factor presents: GENC 

from generationCRISES TO generationCONFIDENCE 

​​​​​​​​​​One word can summarise the past decade: Crisis. First came the 2007 financial crisis, then, the asylum crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, and in 2022 war was brought into our continent, leading to the energy crisis this winter. However, our generation's reluctance​​ to remain passive to these issues and to fight for a prosperous future made us think of another word starting with "C", Confidence. ​​


Process and mission 

The [Youth] Factor Autumn 2022 Project aims to address the complex challenges faced by young people across the European Union. Through extensive research and targeted interviews, we aim to bring attention to the concept of generationCRISES; this refers to pressing issues in the areas of energy, agriculture, climate, and migration. Through generationCONFIDENCE, we showcase the perspectives and proposed solutions of young individuals in relation to these crises. 

The research phase of the project began with an examination of the existing literature on the problems affecting youth, which enabled us to identify the most crucial issues and determine the most appropriate questions to ask the chosen interviewees. Another objective of the project was to identify and highlight best practices in order to amplify the voices of the local and regional realities regarding these pressing mat ters. Furthermore, the findings of our research also attest the confidence, the resilience and the determination of the younger generation.  

The outcome 

The project consists of a research report, an exhibition in the CoR showcased during the Plenary Session (PS) in February, a short documentary with interviews with young politicians and other stakeho​​lders, as well as a media communication strategy for the main social networks where the CoR is present. The exhibition will also be presented at the European Parliament (EP) in the Mezzanine Yehudi Menuhin during the same week as the CoR February Plenary Session.  ​

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[Y] Factor presents: GENC from generationCRISES TO generationCONFIDENCE


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  • [Y] Factor presents: GENC  from generationCRISES TO generationCONFIDENCE
    [Y] Factor presents: GENC from generationCRISES TO generationCONFIDENCE

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