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Vers une feuille de route pour un hydrogène propre La contribution des collectivités locales et régionales à une Europe neutre pour le climat

Opinion Number: CDR 549/2020
Rapporteur: HONÉ Birgit
Commission: ENVE
Status: Adopted
Date: 02/07/2020
So far there is no comprehensive strategy or roadmap to develop and promote the use of clean hydrogen.

The proposed opinion will underline the demand for such a roadmap and seek to ensure that it gives the best possible support to EU local and regional authorities (LRAs) in their efforts to develop clean hydrogen.

It will focus on the following aspects:
the significance of clean hydrogen for sector-coupling/integration and for the storage of renewable energy, as a climate neutral fuel (including power-to-X) and for the decarbonisation of CO2-intensive industries at local and regional level
the necessary support in terms of political and regulatory measures at EU level
the need to strengthen EU research and innovation as well as EU initiatives to support the placing on the market of hydrogen technologies for climate neutral regional and local value chains

Decarbonisation and pursuing the zero-emissions goal in the EU are among the priorities of the CoR.
The proposed opinion follows on from the CoR Resolution on the proposals for the new legislative mandate of the EU (RESOL-VI/035) of October 2019, in which the CoR calls on the Commission to set an ambitious, coherent and comprehensive framework to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.
The opinion would thus flesh out some demands formulated in the CoR opinions ENVE-VI/037 and ENVE-VI-040, calling for a cross-sector transition to a sustainable low-emission energy system, as well as decarbonisation of the transport systems and of the European gas industry.


- welcomes the EU Hydrogen Strategy comprising a roadmap of legislative and non-legislative actions to support the development of a EU hydrogen market;

- underlines that green hydrogen and a strong clean hydrogen economy have an essential role in the energy transition to reach climate neutrality, whilst creating great opportunities for innovation, value creation and employment in many European regions;

- urges in this respect to strengthen EU-wide demand and production, in particular through targets for green hydrogen generation capacity in the EU, a significant increase in electricity production from renewables, promoting lead markets for green hydrogen technologies, Carbon Contracts for Difference and the European Alliance for Clean Hydrogen;

- calls for a supportive EU legal framework for market development and infrastructure, especially with an EU-wide sustainability classification of hydrogen, an integration of the hydrogen market with the electricity and gas market and the revision of the relevant EU legislation on renewable energies, the gas market and trans-European energy- and transport networks;

- requests support through investment, taxation and state aid, including through IPCEl projects, the revision of EU energy taxation and support e.g. through the ETS Innovation Funds, the InvestEU Programme and the post-COVID-19 recovery plan;

- urges further research, innovation and education, e.g. by launching the European Clean Hydrogen Partnership and through the new EU skills pact;

- calls upon the EU to support regional value chains and clusters, including the participation of regions in the European Alliance for Clean Hydrogen and the European Partnership for Clean Hydrogen.



Virtual stand 'Economic resilience of carbon-intensive regions: building new jobs & growth through hydrogen valleys'

18/02-18/03/22: Virtual stand 'Economic resilience of carbon-intensive regions: building new jobs & growth through hydrogen valleys' of the rapporteur’s region Lower Saxony, together with Drenthe Province and Occitanie Region at the CoR virtual exhibition during the CoR 9th European Summit of regions and cities

18 Feb

Online side-event of the European Hydrogen Week

30/11: Online side-event of the European Hydrogen Week “Lower Saxony as a hydrogen model region for Europe” hosted by the rapporteur, with the participation of the European Parliament and European Commission (DG ENER, DG COMP).

30 Nov

Keynote at the opening day of European Hydrogen Week 2021

Rapporteur provides keynote at the opening day of European Hydrogen Week, organised by the European Commission and FHC JU.

29 Nov

Keynote EUSEW 2021 "The key role of European Regions in kick-starting and advancing the clean hydrogen economy"

Rapporteur Honé provides keynote at European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) workshop „The key role of European regions in kick-starting and advancing the clean hydrogen economy“, organised by the ENVE secretariat together with S3 European Hydrogen Valleys Partnership and FCH JU.

26 Oct

Hydrogen projects of Alstom and Bosch

Rapporteur visits, by highlighting her role as CoR-rapporteur, together with the President of Lower Saxony hydrogen projects of Alstom and Bosch in her region, including the Alstom iLINT hydrogen train, which has been awarded the European Railway Award 2021.

27 May

CoR Plenary debate on "Advancing the hydrogen economy"

Rapporteur initiates debate on „Advancing the hydrogen economy“ during the Plenady Debate „EU MATTERS FOR LOCAL AND REGIONAL AUTHORITIES“ in view of the role of clean hydrogen in the upcoming Fit for 55 package

06 May
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