Opinion Factsheet  

Résilience des entités critiques - PA

Opinion Number: CDR 570/2021
Rapporteur: GUARENTE Mario
Commission: NAT
Status: Currently in discussion
Date: 02/07/2021
analyse the new proposed legislation from the perspective of local and regional authorities as, although most of the legislation, strategic framework and structures are defined at the EU or national level, it is the local and regional authorities that are usually in charge of risk prevention and disaster response operations.
aim to ensure that the local and regional viewpoint is taken into account as much as possible in the provisions of the final directive that proposes a fundamental shift from protecting specific critical infrastructure assets to reinforcing the resilience of the critical entities that operate them and lays down obligations for Member States. Protection of critical infrastructure and the resilience of critical entities operating that infrastructure have a strong impact at local and regional level.
emphasise the importance of coordination between different levels and stakeholders - good multilevel and cross-sector collaboration for disaster preparedness, risk reduction and reinforcing resilience is key to enabling communities to face threats together and find common solutions to existing and future challenges.
promote the specific and important role of local and regional authorities in contributing to the resilience of critical infrastructure and their operators in their areas by making available their wealth of knowledge and experience