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La distribution de denrées alimentaires aux personnes les plus démunies de l'Union

Opinion Number: CDR 340/2010
Rapporteur: MARTIKAINEN Ossi
Commission: NAT
Status: Adopted
Date: 27/01/2011
Demander aux institutions européennes une prise de décisions rapide en vue d'adapter aux besoins actuels la base juridique régissant la distribution des denrées alimentaires et les ressources qui y sont consacrées.
Impact 2012

Nouvelle proposition de la Commission COM(2012) 617 final attribuée à la COTER compte tenue du changement de base légale. La demande du CdR de conserver la base légal PAC pour ce programme n'a donc pas été prise en compte ni celle de continuer à apporter une contribution significative au financement de l'aide alimentaire dans le contexte de crise actuelle puisque les budgets proposés sont à la baisse.

- deplores the fact that the new programme for the distribution of food products to the most deprived persons could not be initiated earlier;

- believes that the uncertain economic situation and deterioration in employment in many Member States caused by the economic crisis, especially in the regions most badly affected by structural change, call for swift decisions by the EU institutions to bring the legal basis regulating food distribution and its resources up to a level that corresponds to current needs;

- feels that food aid to the most deprived should continue to be included under the umbrella of the Common Agricultural Policy and contribute to fulfilling the CAP's objectives with regard to guaranteeing people's food security;

- believes that it is important that the Community financial contribution to the funding of food aid should remain significant given that this a Community policy for evening out social and regional differences which is aimed directly at EU citizens;

- highlights the important role of local and regional authorities and third sector organisations in ensuring that people in need of aid are brought within the scope of aid, in organising the practical arrangements for the distribution of aid and in providing information about it.
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