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Règlement pour une industrie zéro net

Opinion Number: CDR 2189/2023
Rapporteur: SPEICH Mark
Commission: ECON
Status: Adopted
Date: 05/07/2023

 welcomes the proposal for a Net-Zero Industry Act to support the implementation of the Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age, thereby reaffirming its strong commitment to achieving climate-neutrality by 2050;

 underlines that LRAs are often directly affected by the measures proposed in the Net-Zero Industry Act. Due to the competences of LRAs, many of the rules regarding enabling conditions for net-zero technology manufacturing, access to markets and enhancing skills for quality job creation give LRAs a vital role in the implementation of the Net-Zero Industry Act. Therefore, LRAs have to be considered as an integral part of the future success of net-zero technologies in Europe. They have to play an active role in the implementation process, which should be clearly recognised in the relevant articles of the regulation;

 stresses the need for a pragmatic approach that covers the whole supply and value chain when it comes to net-zero technologies. The producers of components and machinery for the production of final products of net-zero technologies are as decisive to achieving the objectives of the Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age as the producers of the final product. To minimise the risk of supply chain disruptions the Net-Zero Industry Act should prioritise planned industrial facilities and the transformation (especially decarbonisation), extension or repurposing of existing facilities along the whole supply and value chain. Additional burdens or obstacles for investments deriving from other pieces of legislation have to be avoided;

 recalls that LRAs constitute a key level for securing acceptance of the EU's strategic objectives of net-zero technologies and of industrial projects among EU citizens, and stresses that involving LRAs early on in the formulation and development of strategic projects may facilitate their roll-out. Knowledge of opportunities and impacts in the territory mainly comes from LRAs. They are often key players in designing and implementing industrial policies and R&D policies and are prepared to support innovation in net-zero technology, for example by hosting regulatory sandboxes. Therefore, LRAs should be an integral part of the Net-Zero Europe Platform.
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