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Une meilleure gouvernance pour le marché unique

Opinion Number: CDR 1529/2012
Rapporteur: MARKKULA Markku
Commission: ECOS-V
Status: Adopted
Date: 31/01/2013


- Under the subsidiarity principle, the single market should be guided by EU legislation only to the extent that it is actually necessary. Failure to take the subsidiarity principle into consideration may lead to problems at the implementation phase, at which point there is no longer any room for manoeuvre at national level, and therefore put economic development at risk.

- When preparing legislation, it is important to bear in mind the significant role of local and regional authorities. The "think small first" principle, in particular, stresses the importance of local activity and the conditions created at local level for business. While the framework is created at European level, economic prosperity and activity always begin at local level. It is important to take this into account when single market legislation is being developed, because it is the only way of reconciling the concept of "local" with a pan-European economy.

- Local and regional authorities implement a very large proportion of single market legislation. To prevent problems appearing when those rules are put into practice, it is important for the CoR and local and regional government to play a role in the development of EU legislation.

- When identifying key areas, priority must be given to those areas which are well placed to innovate and create quality jobs. The performance of the digital single market and of services as a whole are key and urgent priorities.
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