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Communicating Europe: the new approach of the European Commission  
Welcome: Ian Barber, Director of Communication, European Committee of the Regions

Speaker: Mikel Landabaso Alvarez, Director, Strategy and Corporate Communication, European Commission

In response to recent political developments, the European Commission has launched a new corporate communication approach in order to improve the understanding of the European Union by citizens. This approach consists of three communication strands: the EU delivers, the EU empowers and the EU protects. These strands build on initiatives like the Investment Plan for Europe and communication milestones such as the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty. Implementation of the first strand is well underway with a corporate communication campaign on EU investments, showing how EU action delivers tangible results on the ground, in particular through EU funded projects. 

Join Mikel Landabaso Alvarez, Director for Strategy and Corporate Communication of the European Commission for a lunchtime briefing where he will explain the details.

Date: Tuesday, 28 March 2017
Time: 12.30-14.00
Place: European Committee of the Regions, Rue Belliard 101
Jacques Delors building, JDE 51 (5th floor)

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Organizer: European Commission