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Open Eyes Economy Summit 2017  
​The Open Eyes Economy is a concept of economy based on social values. It is an answer to the crisis of ideas suffered by democratic societies today and
free-market global economic space. 

The sustainable development, redefinition of the developmental priorities, full responsibility for the future of next generations and natural environment these are the foundations of mission that is  expected by new generation societies from business, institutions and politics. In the future we are building now a prerequisite for profit is gaining trust. The positive intellectual movement, which is the Open Eyes Economy, wants to optimistically face the most important social problems that we observe today. Our objective is to formulate efficient solutions. 

We will discuss them in five aspects:
Trustworthy, admirable, responsible and socially involved firms. Enterprises that are ambitious enough to change the world by fair and aware generation of true VALUES. They create jobs that offer the feeling of purpose.
Brands that knowingly create real CULTURE together with their communities.
Common values form the aesthetic, well-thought-out world where the entire community takes advantage of a better living.
Public spaces are returned back to people, managed intelligently, growing in the equilibrium with the natural environment, green, friendly and more and more self-sufficient.
The awareness of global conditioning, the system of interdependencies that create our common world today. The understanding of what is common and what is different on the international scale is necessary for the BROADER PERSPECTIVE understanding. The Open Eyes Economy broadens the minds, it lets
us think about the responsibility over the boarders, it makes us observe the entire chain of  interdependencies and perceive the world as one huge closed circuit.
We are observing a growth of flexible work forms (including gig economy) or other alternative employment forms. The phenomenon is related, among others, to the development of modern applications; it is a clear announcement of transformations both in the labour market and in the approach to work philosophy as such. The process seems inevitable. Facing the technological development it is necessary to redefine the role of human resources in the labour market as a part of rapidly growing innovative economy.
The Summit has an unique formula, filled with SLAM BATTLES (intellectual debates), LIVING CASE STUDIES (comprehensively presented examples of best practices from all over the world), NETWORKING SESSIONS (sessions with opinion and decision makers), Q&A SESSIONS (in-depth sessions to verify the speakers and the topics they address). For each framework issue we assume a programme speech that will be published in the congress publication The Open Eyes Book. The conversation between people is key value and, therefore, the programme assumes much more than a mere presentation of the content. We want to talk and we want to offer the participants the opportunities of
interaction and lively discussions.

The OEES is a unique, interdisciplinary meeting of people from many different environments. As opposed to other economic congresses, it is not closed​ for anybody; it is easily accessible and open for all the  interested ones: businessmen, marketing managers, starts ups, academic world, students, public institutions, non-governmental organisations, for journalists and bloggers.​

Organizer: Foundation of Economy and Public Administration (Fundacja Gospodarki i Administracji Publicznej Fundacja GAP)
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