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CoR Digital Masterclass: From clicks to ballots: Myths and realities of online electioneering  
​​​​Election campaigns are not new to the social media battlefield. As more citizens integrate social media into their daily lives, political marketers seize the opportunity to engage with them, shape their political views, and ultimately, convert users into voters. But while the ideal world of digital campaigning paints a seamless picture, is the reality just as smooth?

In preparation for next year's European Parliament Elections, why don't we dive into the science behind the effectiveness of digital political advertising? Additionally, we'll have a look under the hood of the European Parliament's own social media campaigns.​

Don't miss the last CoR Digital Masterclass of this year with: 
  • Michael Bossetta | Assistant Professor in Media and Communication at Lund University 
  • Lilla Pinter | Media Manager at the Web Communication Unit of the European Parliament​

Organizer: CoR Social Media Team
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