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Investing in human talent and an innovation ecosystem to build economic resilience  
​Thessaloniki will look to innovative public engagement methods, for a collaboration in investment of young human talent and ideas surrounding youth resilience. The event will mirror the Brussels event in the local event in Thessaloniki with public engagement and citizens dialogue.
The event will focus on how we can invest in our human talent – youth, students, entrepreneurs, researchers, community leaders, change-makers – in a way that empowers them to shape the local economy of today and tomorrow. We often talk about youth programs, education programs, business and startup support, or economic development, but resilience requires a more holistic approach. 

Economic resilience requires diversity in the local economy, innovation, support for priority but also emerging sectors, and clusters of economic activity throughout the city. Regional or global changes have an increasingly significant economic impact at the local level, and technological and scientific advancements lead to faster changes on economies and the nature of work.
As a result, there is a heightened need for economic resilience, including adaptability, diversity and flexibility. This raises questions on how we invest in our human capital, to ensure economic opportunity, flexible employment, and quality livelihood for the city’s workforce. Investing in human talent also requires considering a person’s journey throughout the childhood, to education, to career, to continued learning spectrum.
Through this workshop, we aim to share tools and approaches that allow partners to co-create actions and solutions to invest in local human talent and innovation ecosystems.

Organizer: 100 Resilient Cities, an EME perspective
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