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The role of urban areas in the Cohesion Policy post-2020  

Urban regeneration is one of the main trends in the actions of urban cities, which enables the social and investment development and has a real and direct impact on citizens' socioeconomic status. The regeneration actions enhance
the competitiveness of cities and regions, have an extreme/ unquestionable/ evident impact on improving the quality of citizens’ life, and prove that the local level is where challenges are best known and where solutions can best be defined with the citizens. The exchange of good practices and views in the context of the regeneration process in the European Union is extremely
important. The City of Łodź is a member of the Urban Poverty Partnership, in which it is working on the action plan regarding the urban neighborhoods. 

The seminar organised in the City of Łódź would be a meeting open to a wider audience. Its aim is to engage citizens in a dialogue and to collect feedback on their concerns, in the context of the Urban Agenda for the EU. The event will primarily focus on linking the voice of citizens with a political debate on the future of urban areas in European policies.

Following the CoR initiative, the local event aims to discuss the EU’s priority of inclusive cities by supporting urban regeneration actions to fight urban poverty and build equitable cities for all, including the integration of marginalised communities.

Organizer: City of Łódź
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