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NAT - 26th commission meeting  


The 26th NAT commission meeting will be held on the 12th November 2019 in the building of the European Committee of the regions in Br​ussels, room JDE 52. 

These working documents will be discussed during the meeting:

Cross-border health care

Can I buy a new pair of glasses abroad? They are cheaper there and the choice is better.

Can I have my hip replacement abroad? The waiting list in my country is too long.

Can I have an operation abroad? Their technique is safer and has less side effect.

These and many similar questions were asked by EU citizens who were looking for the best care options for themselves and their families. The European Court of Justice in its jurisprudence systematically ruled in favour, treating healthcare as any other service at the common market. In 2011, the first and only European directive in the field of health translated this legal acquis into the European law and it has now been 6 years that the Directive has been transposed.

The Committee was consulted on the draft of this law and today, 10 years later, its members will revisit this legislation to assess how it affected regions, especially border ones, and how the implementation can be improved to fully realise the rights of patients across the Union.

This opinion, requested by the European Commission, will draw on the findings of the CoR RegHub consultation and will translate its results into political recommendations.​

Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World's Forests

While in the European Union forests cover has grown over last decades thanks to afforestation and reforestation programmes and natural regrowth, we are losing our forests globally at a alarming rate.

A forest equivalent to 1.3millions square kilometres was lost between 1990 and 2016. This is the equivalent of 800 football fields of forest lost every hour, every day of the year! 

The increasing demands from a growing global population for food, feed, bioenergy, timber and other commodities are main drivers of deforestation. According to the European Commission's study, at least 30 percent of global deforestation is linked to crop and livestock products traded and consumed in the EU.  In our increasingly inter-connected and globalized world, the way we consume at our individual and local scale has an impact at the other side of the globe.


 Photography/Filming is taking place at this commission meeting for publication purposes on our website and/or in brochures. If you would prefer not to be photographed or filmed please let the organiser and/or photographer know.​

Organizer: NAT Commission Secretariat
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