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Hands-on training and knowledge transfer workshop - session 1  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Within the communication campaign A new chapter for EU democracy, the CoR aims at strengthening democratic culture in Europe by promoting civic education, further encouraging youth and female participation, and fostering the debate on EU issues. CoR members, the European Network of Regional and Local EU Councillors ​and the Young Elected Politicians Programme play a key role in mobilising citizens and rolling out innovative methods like participatory citizen engagement.

The first phase of the project A new chapter for participatory democracy​ consists of hands-on training and knowledge transfer workshops. 

The online workshop on 16 June 2023 focused on participatory methods and (digital) tools, quality principles and best practices:

  • More than voting: participation as an integral part of a vital democracy
  • Learning from failure and success: the bad practice experience
  • Online participation from open-source tools to designated platforms
  • Participatory budgeting and citizen assemblies: different participatory methods
  • How to reach the citizens: different ways of recruiting participants​

Please consult the materials of the workshop under the presentations section. 

The publication of the recording of the session will follow soon.

Contact Person: CoR- BSt project
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