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1st political meeting of the Automotive Regions Alliance  

​​​The Automotive Regions Alliance (ARA) was founded at the 150th Plenary Session of the CoR in June 2022 to represent the interests of European regions with an automotive industry, in order to accompany the fundamental change in this sector and its impact on our regions. The first political meeting of the regional presidents of the ARA member regions will adopt it's short and medium term strategic goals for the next years and discuss with European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit the needs for a just transition for regions with a strong automotive industry. 


The Automotive Regions Alliance (ARA) is a political network of regions with a strong automotive and supply industry sector which will be affected by the transition towards zero-emission road transport (phasing out of the internal combustion engine by 2035) which was set up upon initiative of the CoR. It demands a just transition for the regional automotive eco-systems while not questioning the need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from road transport. The just transition framework must ensure economic and social cohesion in every European automotive region through budgetary and policy support measures and joint transition planning. Given the relevance of the sector for the EU, this debate will have important implications for the further discussion on just transition.​

At the meeting, the highest political representatives of the regions, the CoR's Automotive Intergroup the relevant industry and social partners (above all the supply industry) will underline the need to achieve a joint transition mechanism which must including all relevant stakeholders, from local and regional authorities, car manufactures, supply industry, trade unions and educational and training institutions, research and development, etc. As part of the meeting there will also be a tour of an automotive plant of a Leipzig-based car manufacturer with special attention to our subject of change in the automotive industry.

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